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Why People Buy and What you can do Today to make that Happen

So, why do people buy? And what can you do today to make that happen. I am going to show you...

My name is Randy Crane and I Am The Fearless Marketer. If this is your first time here and are wanting to turn your business into a Selling Machine,


So, why do people buy? And what can you do today to make that happen. I am going to show you a Simple Psychology that anyone can apply. It doesn’t take practice, it doesn’t take roll playing, it just takes you just being your natural self with a few small tweaks.

And we are going to get into those Right Now!


It’s a fact that people want to buy from who they know, like and trust. It’s really that simple. I see amateur salespeople and even veterans all the time wanting to rush the sale. I compare this to dating. Can you imagine meeting someone for the first time and saying “Listen, I don’t want to necessarily talk to you or buy you dinner, I would just rather get down to the good stuff now”? Can you imagine how that might go over? Right!

Well the same things apply in sales and/or marketing. The Prospect must get to know you. Isn’t that the same way that you buy as well? Don’t you feel comfortable making a purchase from a store or a company that you know or from a Salesperson that you trust? Of course, you do, so does everyone. People buy at Walmart because they know the company, they feel comfortable there, they know the pricing, the return policy and in some cases even some of the employees. It is all part of the buying experience

You need to be able to craft a similar experience for your Prospects, if you want to turn them into a Customer.

Getting to Know Your Prospect

So, the first question is how does a Prospect get to know you? That is a very good question and here is the first answer. Smile. When you smile its like extending the first gesture in making a new friend. Well Randy, what if he doesn’t smile back? That’s ok, just keep a smile on your face, eventually he they will catch on. If not, then you are going to be remembered as the salesperson that smiled a lot and that’s ok too.

When you introduce yourself, just be friendly? Don’t be overly professional or overly authoritative or overly anything for that matter, just be you. Oh, and by the way always give a firm handshake. People in general like that.

Be yourself, be the real you. That is the person that your friends like, that is the person your spouse fell in love with and that is the person that your children look up to. All these people can’t be wrong, can they? Of course not. The thing to remember is that you are used to being you. Don’t try to be someone else. Be who you are and believe me, that will be more then good enough.

Just a quick story…

Years ago, when I was first getting started in Sales, I had a Sales Manager by the name of Charlie. And Charlie was an expert closer. Now his job was to teach us Newbies how to close a sale. I remember that he even had names for the different closes that he taught us. There was the worm close, the sharp angle close, the assumptive close, the takeaway close and I know that there were another five or six as well. I just can’t recall them off hand. We had to stay in the classroom until we had memorized all these closes. I still remember him saying to me, Crane, what do the symbols ABC mean and I would say Always be Closing.

When I went out on my first sales call and of course Charlie went with me. When it came time for the close, I couldn’t remember which one to use. So, I started fumbling through my notes and the Prospect said to me, what are you doing? I said I am looking for the right close to use. Well, he started laughing. Charlie immediately started to perform his professional close and the Prospect said for him to stop. He wanted to hear from me. I started reading my close and I remember how uncomfortable it sounded and I remember thinking that this isn’t me! I sounded like Charlie incarnate.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the sale, but I do remember thinking that there has to be an easier way to do this. And there is!

Look around the room and see how he has decorated his office. Maybe there will be a picture of his kids or his wife or his entire family. He may have a canoe paddle in the corner or a diploma hanging on the wall. Just ask a question. Is that your family? Are you into canoeing?  I see you went to MIT! The best way to start a conversation is with a question or a statement. Then follow that up with another question. The best way for you to get to know your prospect is to get them talking about themselves first. In that conversation you will find some common ground. That is when rapport is established. Rapport is so important. Its only through conversation that one person can get to know the other and vice-versa.

So, let’s do a quick recap on Knowing

  1. Smile
  2. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake
  3. Just be yourself
  4. Ask questions about them to strike up a conversation
  5. Create rapport

How does the Prospect Like you?

Ask questions related to his job, the business, what the company does. People buy what they think they want or what they think they need. Usually, what they think that they want, or need is based on a problem that they have or a resolution that they want. You need to find out the problem that they have. You can’t find a solution if you don’t have a problem first. Keep asking questions until the problem is uncovered.

  Listen carefully and be receptive. You know for years I heard from my friends and family members that “I could never be a salesperson; I don’t have the gift of the gab”! I am sure that you have heard that same line before. That is so far from the truth, it is ridiculous. Great Salespeople are not talkers at all, they are great listeners. If you listen carefully the Prospect will tell you what his or her problem is and, in most cases, they will tell you what they imagine the solution is as well.

It is important to understand that people buy based on emotions and not based on logic; logic comes later. If your Prospect has a problem, then it is your responsibility to get emotionally involved in the solution. Think about it, what can your product or service do to create a solution? Figure that out and you have a Customer.

I have found that the best way to clearly create a mental picture of a solution is through telling a story. That’s right tell them a story. If you are over the age of 7 you probably have a multitude of stories and experiences that you have gained over the years. Learn to get good at telling stories. Pick a story that is inspiring, possibly something related to the problem or the outcome that they want to achieve. The story should be simple and consist of the following items.

  1. Who – Who is the story about (Yourself, Customer, Prospect, Friend, Boss etc.)?
  2. Why – Why are you telling this story and how does it relate to the Prospect and his issue
  3. What – This is where you talk about the product or service (Remember, No Technobabble)
  4. How – How did you overcome the problem or achieve the solution

The story does not have to be anything magnificent or something outlandish, just make it simple, but make it the truth; don’t ever lie. You know, as long as I can remember, I have heard people say things like Salespeople lie to make the sale or He’s a fast-talking salesman or He’s a “Silver-tongued Devil”. This stigma comes from the old days of direct sales. The Sales guy selling Fuller Brushes or Vacuum Cleaners door to door. And of course, we can’t forget the good old Used Car Salesman “Have I got a Deal for You”.

Thank God we have matured since those early days. Today we want to tell a story that hopefully will resonate or inspire the Prospect.  While you are telling your story, watch your prospect. Watch their body language, facial expressions and most of all watch their eyes. Ya know, it’s true, eyes are the windows to the soul. If at the end of your story the Prospect asks you questions about your product, service or story, then you will know that the story resonated with them. If not, then maybe you need to ask some more questions or tell a different story.

Now, let’s talk about a thing called technobabble. Years ago, I sold Vacuums for the Electrolux Corporation and in a very short time I became one of the Top Salespeople in Toronto. When selling vacs, there was a saying that went “Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak”. What this means is that people are only interested in what the benefits are in relation to what the problems are. This seemed like a good philosophy at the time and certainly helped me climb the ladder of success in the company.

One day Electrolux held a business training that I went to that covered the more technical aspects of the products that we were selling. I made notes and studied the workbook that they gave us and in a short period of time I became well versed in the technical side of a vacuum cleaner. I even managed to include this technical information in my sales presentation.

Now, let me tell you what happened. I went from being one of the top salespeople to being one of the bottom almost overnight. 

I started spilling that technobabble to every Prospect that I met. It was like I was spraying bug repellent on my Prospect and watching them run away in fear.

You see people want to be inspired, they want to know why you are a believer in your product or service. What inspired you. Talk about the benefits, the benefits answer problems and benefits create solutions. Everything else is just Technobabble.

So, let’s recap this second part about How they Learn to Like you

  1. Make the conversation about them and their problems
  2. Listen carefully and be receptive
  3. Tell an inspiring story and how that relates
  4. Watch the body language

Don’t make it difficult on yourself, selling comes down to 2 simple things

  1. Find the Problem
  2. Solve the Problem


So, how do People Buy?

I can honestly say that the best sales that I have ever made is when the Prospect felt comfortable with me and that they felt that I was honest with them. People buy from who they know, like and trust. It’s not good enough that they just know you or even like you. The sale comes when they trust you and not before.

I see salespeople all the time that can’t seem to understand why their prospects are not buying from them after a first meeting. I see Network Marketers make one sales call and give up because they didn’t make a sale. Or Affiliate Marketers that quit because they pushed out an ad on the internet and the response was crickets. It’s a fact that most people do not make big decisions without taking some time to think about it. According to the American Advertising Association in 2018. The average person needs to be touched 8 – 12 times before they make a final decision. This may mean that you may have to do another meeting, send him some e-mails, provide a brochure, send a text message or two or make several follow up phone calls. This is all part of the selling process. You need to allow people the time needed to make their decision comfortably.

Be helpful in their decision-making process, whatever that process may be. Be the Go-To Guy. The person that they turn to when they have a problem that you can solve. Be the Problem Solver. When the Prospect trusts and believes that, then you have just opened the flood gates. Multiple sales, Referrals, Testimonials etc. will all come your way. I have had some clients with me for more than 25 years and they are still buying from me today. It is like in anything in life, it takes some time to cultivate great relationships. 

Never be in a rush to close them. There is nothing worse than a salesperson that closes too early. I am not saying that you don’t ask for the sale, just do it at the right time. No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. So, allow your Prospect to buy. Try to make the buying experience enjoyable, make it friendly, make it comfortable for your Prospect. When you do that you will probably not have to ask for the sale at all, they may come to you and close themselves.

The best advise that I can give you is to be yourself and nothing more then that. Get a clear intention that you are only going there to make a new friend and if something more comes from it, then great. If nothing else, you have made one more contact and who knows where that will take you.

Back in the 1980’s I met this fellow named Bernie and his wife Adele. at a trade show where we were selling Electrolux Vacuums. We had a nice discussion about the vacs, but they felt that it was too expensive for their needs. You see they only had a 1-bedroom condo at the time. After the show was over, I kept in touch with Bernie periodically and we developed a relationship together.  About 2 years later I got a call from him saying he had a business opportunity that he would like me to look at.

Needless to say, I went to the meeting with Bernie about the business, I got involved and the following year went on to make a 6-figure income in that business. You see, you never know where the next opportunity is going to come from. If I hadn’t befriended both him and his wife, then that opportunity may never have arisen. That business changed the course of my life and it’s all thanks to a couple that didn’t buy a vacuum from me at a trade show.

Make new friends, cultivate relationships and make every contact feel like they are the only important person on your Prospect list. If you do this and you do it effectively, then you will start making sales. Remember, it takes time to become great at your craft, allow yourself the time it takes to become great.

So to recap how do people buy?

  1. Be the person that figures out their problem
  2. Be helpful
  3. They trust in your knowledge and your honesty
  4. You are not there to close them
  5. Be there to make a new friend



So, in this blog we have discussed

  1. How important it is to be yourself. You are unique, why change perfection.
  2. Making conversation uncovers problems, solutions and creates rapport
  3. That selling is a process, and with any process it takes a little time.
  4. We talked about the value of telling stories that are sincere and honest
  5. People buy when they trust you and not before
  6. Cultivate relationships

People buy from who they Know, Like and Trust. I truly hope that with what I have told you that you can find a way to infuse some of these points and stories into your daily routine. Please understand that there is a difference between the method and the style. I have given the method and you are welcome to use it, but don’t copy my style. You have your own unique way of being you and that is perfection in itself.

I know that sometimes new things and practices can seem scary at first, but it is only from mustering up the courage to become fearless that we can truly find success. With that I hope that this video has resonated with you and I wish you nothing but the best experiences that your life is waiting to provide you.


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