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Powerful Emotion Driven Marketing

Would You rather Sell to One or Market to Millions?

Building an audience of Like Minded humans that want what you are selling is knowing what problems your product or service solves. Then, presenting solutions to your audience in a way that connects with them emotionally. Humans buy when they are emotionally connected to the problems they have!

Randy Crane is an Amazing Marketer! He has helped me in my business, provided me with all the steps and taken his time to talk with me for hours. He loves what he does! He is empathetic, compassionate and genuine. I recommend Randy to any business, you will be way more than happy and satisfied!! ūüíēThank you so much Randy for all that you have done for me!
Susy Vanderlaan
Susy Machado
Susy Q Wellness

Does Your Marketing Connect with New Prospects?

Learn to Emotionally Connect with your Customers  РJust Click the Buttton

Developing unique ideas
that will Drive New Customers to your Business Today!


If Your NOT Calling New Prospects

then your Competitors probably are!!


Building Your Business 

ONE Call at a Time

It all starts with the Cold Call! Combining your next Telemarketing project with a Prospect Nurturing system will provide you with Outstanding Results. You see, not all Prospects are ready to buy today. It is important to keep in touch with those Prospects so that when they are ready, you know it.

No Calling Team to manage, No Software to Setup and No Script or Content to prepare. Our skilled team of Professionals will prepare it all and send it to you for your approval.

Lead Generation | Appointment Setting | Inbound Call Center | Surveys 

Event Boosting | New Product Launch | Database Updating

I have worked with Randy Crane on many occasions since 2005. Randy has done an exceptional job on all of our telemarketing campaigns and always provides far more value than expected. All of the leads that we receive are quality prospects who are very interested in our services.
Brian Claypool
Brian Claypool
President of Chanson Water Corp.

Telemarketing for New Prospects is the Best way to uncover New Opprtunities

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Does Your Website Deliver Real Results?

or is it just pretty pictures on the web?

Your website should be your Best Salesperson

It works 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

It Never takes vacations or calls in sick

It will never take coffee breaks or request time off

And it will ALWAYS produce the exact results that you request

What Results are you Requesting?

You too can Achieve REAL Success…Just Click the Button

I connected with Randy through a referral. I was in need of a new website and was told that Randy was the best. That turned out to be the absolute truth. He designed a website that has proven to produce 10x as many leads as my previous one and now my website is making sales for me. I would highly recommend Randy - The Fearless Marketer to anyone that needs a new website or a makeover.
George Tsopeis
Sonic Soundz Disc Jockey Services




Your Brand is Only as Good as

the Story you Tell and,

 the Value you Deliver

Randy Crane 1

What is a Brand and Why do you need it?

Your brand is like your signature! It is the reason why humans buy your product or service. Building a brand that is recognized and trusted is the only way to sustain consistent growth. After all, once the brand is trusted, Customers  follow. 

Great Brands always lead with a great story and great value. 

What is your brand saying about you?

See Outstanding Results in just a few days…Connect with us!

Randy is the one person I know who is steady, reliable and emotionally connected to his Clients. He is a great teacher and fantastic marketer. You can rest assured that if you get onboard with Randy, it is one ride that will take you to places you can only dream about! Randy and his amazing Team deliver exactly what they promise...Excellence!! Great to be part of this team brother!
Frank Sbrizz
Investment Broker

Humans Follow Authority

Social Media Marketing

Posting on Social Media allows you to provide Real Value to your target audience


Share your knowledge and understanding. This is where you become the authority


Sharing wisdom through video delivers a stronger message and achieves better engagement

Stand Up and be Center Stage

For thousands of years humans have relied of the value of the written word. It’s comunication that lends authority to our beliefs. In the ealry days of media it was magazines, books and newspapers, today it is Social Media, Blogging and Video.

Sharing your insights, successes and education allows Customers and Prospects to view you as the authority figure in your field. It shows them that you are competent and reliable. Building a platform to speak from gives your audience the opportunity to see you upfront and center stage.

Are You the Authority in Your Industry?

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Posting Every Week Provides Your Customers with the Opportunity to Believe in You

It takes an average of 12 - 15 touchpoints for a New Prospect to Respond

Have you Built an e-mail List?

Then this is a Revenue Stream that You are Missing Out On!

Did you know that every e-mail address that is stuck in your inbox could be a potential Customer? That’s right, every single one! Successful businesses have come to realize that every opportunity to sell is a good one and every contact made can be parlayed into a New Prospect. This may not happen today, but sometime in the future they may need what you are selling. If they don’t know about you they cannot buy from you!

Today, building a targeted e-mail list has never been easier. Through the use of the correct technology and engaging content, your prospect list can be vitalized and performing better than you could imagine. 

I contracted with Randy to help us build our e-mail list. He created a platform that we use to drive traffic and to get e-mail addresses. I am absolutely ecstatic with the results that he has achieved for us. We have grown to over 5000 and our list continues to grow every day. If your company is looking to build more sales, then Randy Crane - The Fearless Marketer is the only way to go.
Mark Ross
Mark Ross
President - Clearwave Electronics

You can start building your e-mail list Today…Let’s Connect

Video is the Next Best Thing to Being LIVE

Your BEST Sales Presentation Can be Delivered Perfect Every time!

Video content has proven to be the Best form of communication next being Live. We human beings are wired for a good story. Nothing captures the Real Heroes Journey much like a great narrative. A Great  story will build and empower your brand faster then you can imagine. 

Creating the Perfect Message for your Business

Imagine if you could share your business message with everyone in the world. What would that mean to your success. What if you could just share it with the people in your local area. Video allows you the opportunity to tell your story your way. With all of the passion and emotions that your potential Customers need to see.

According to Forbes

  • 2.3 Billion Monthly Users on YouTube
  • 73% of Adults Watch YouTube
  • People Watch One Billion Hours of Video Daily
  • 62 Percent of Businesses Use YouTube
  • Over 70% of Videos are Watched on Mobile Devices
  • Over 4 Billion Video Views on Facebook every day
  • People stay 5X Longer on Video than on Static Posts

Sales Presentation | New Product Launch | DIY Tutorials | Story Telling | Product Demonstration | Branding | Business Message | Podcasting | Interviews | Video Advertising

It's Your Emotion that Creates a Great Video

You Will See The RESULTS in Just a Few Days…Click the Button NOW!!

Shatter the Idea

Repressing Emotions

is a Sign of Strength

Logo Design


This is a creative world, and logo design in Toronto features some truly stunning visual masterpieces. We like to think that the ones we have developed for our clients are among them. 

Your logo is the face of your brand and the first thing New Customers will see. It’s also the image that they will connect with your brand, giving you more recognition and trust over time. 

A Camera Captures an Image

A Design Captures the Heart and Soul

Image Design

Juicy, Creative and High Impact imaging is well within the realm of possibility here. There is no need for your products to look boring. 

We offer a Unique Emotional Touch to every picture. Watch the transformation as your images turn into design. A carefully thought out picture will turn your Products into a work of art and your Lookers into Buyers.

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Looking for a Cost Effective Home for Your Website

We Provide a Hosting Solution that is Easy to Handle

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 3 e-mail Accounts
  • SSL Certificate
  • Free Phone Support
  • Monthly Back Ups
  • Full Security

Fearless Marketer has been my hosting company of choice for more then 2 years. Very pleased with the service.

AMZ Design Inc

I get great support and my website is always up and running. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend them

Velocity Movers

Excellent company to work with. Very friendly and the support is always top notch. Very pleased

Marketing Monkey Media

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We Keep Your Website in TOP Working Order

Just Like Your Car, Your Website Needs Some TLC Too!!

2 Maintenance Plans to Choose from

Option # 1

  • Managed Website Updates
  • Weekly Back ups
  • Monthly Speed Optimization
  • Free Phone Support
  • 2 Design Hours per Month

Only $55.00 

per month

Option # 2

  • Managed Website Updates
  • Daily Back ups
  • Monthly Speed Optimization
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  • 4 Design Hours per Month
  • E-Commerce Management

Only $85.00

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