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Are you worried about the world economy? Well, if you are, then you're ...

Are you worried about the world economy? Well, if you are, then you’re definitely trusting in the wrong economy.

  1. Did you know that there are two economies, that’s right, one is the outside world economy, and the other is the inside economy?
  2. The outside economy is designed to control you. It is unstable and volatile. it’s run by bankers and politicians and genuinely untrustworthy people. How can you trust them with your life? Better question, why would you trust them with your life?
  3. Then there is the inside economy, now the inside economy is all about you, just you. Do you trust in you? Well, I would hope so.
  4. Your inside economy is determined by the decisions you make and the financial gains you create while working at home. I sit at my desk in my home everyday and I do e-mail marketing for one client, telemarketing for another, I am building a website for another client and run ads for another. My economy begins and ends with me.
  5. When the outside world inflation goes up, I simply add another client or increase my rates a little to compensate. it’s really that simple.
  6. This way I don’t have to rely on the economy out there because I know exactly what my economy is doing in here
  7. Don’t be fooled by the news on TV or by what you read on the Internet or whatever other platform you’re using to hear the rhetoric. What they have to say doesn’t really matter if you’re in control of your own life and your own economy.
  8. Now some of you are thinking, how do I do this when I have a full-time job, and bills to pay?
  9. You start the way I did with one project. I started working with a small telemarketing company from home. Believe me when I tell you, the money and time that I saved going to and from work everyday alone was worth it.
  10. While I was working from home, I started looking around for other projects and sure enough I found them. Now this is going back to the early 90s and the Internet wasn’t what it is today. There was no such thing as Fiverr or Upworks back then.
  11. Maybe you’re an accountant or maybe an executive assistant. Maybe you’re a marketing guy or someone that transcribes documents. It really doesn’t matter what your specialty is, if you look on Fiverr or Upworks you’ll be sure to find people and companies looking for your types of services and they will pay you to do it.
  12. Another alternative would be to check out indeed or There are literally thousands of companies that are looking for remote workers like you. Some positions are full time, some part time and others are contractual.
  13. I just want you to realise that there is an entire world out there of companies that are willing to hire and pay you to work from home.
  14. Now, I want to come back to the original subject of this video. The economy. Once you have your own economy under control, you’ll be surprised how quickly your life will get better. You’ll be able to sleep later in the morning, have time to sit down and drink your coffee, spend more time with your family. Let alone the money that you will save going to and from work. How nice would it be to walk 30 feet to work as opposed to driving 30 miles?
  15. In the description below I have provided you with a link to my personal Things To Do checklist and spreadsheet that I use to help me get my personal economy under control. I designed this in 1990 and I’m still using it today. I would really suggest that you download it… it will help you get started and keep you on track…and it’s absolutely free.
  16. Remember your economy begins and ends with you. It has nothing to do with what goes on outside your home.
  17. Let me tell you, when you start seeing some of the results from just a little bit of effort, you’re going to ask yourself why you ever got caught up with the outside world. Especially when the inside world is so much more manageable and enjoyable.
  18. Just before I let you go, I would like to share my personal goal with you. I’m still pretty new to YouTube, but my goal is to generate 50,000 subscribers before the end of 2023. If you got even a little bit out of this video, then I am sincerely asking you to like and subscribe to my channel.
  19. My name is Randy Crane, and I am the Fearless Marketer… see you next time.

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