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The Art of Storytelling in Marketing

In this episode, we talk to Randy Crane whose business,, promotes the use of greater emotion in the marketing process.

In this episode, we talk to Randy Crane whose business,, promotes the use of greater emotion in the marketing process.


In this discussion, we talked about sales techniques and how difficult it can be to sound original, authentic, or even innovative. Randy feels many of the old-school methods are now outdated, such as the Features, Advantages, and Benefits process he’s seen used in the past.


We moved on to discuss the evolution of sales techniques and how we used to do things door-to-door but educational changes and shifts in expectations from customers have revolutionized things. We can now appeal to people using personal anecdotes and stories.


This emphasis on emotional connection stops the struggle with decision-making about an item or service and builds rapport instead. If a person feels you are human, that you’re interested in them, and that your problems are of genuine interest, then you’ll feel ‘heard’ as a customer. Marketing and selling are deeply personal, more so than most people realize.


So, you can build audience interest by telling relevant and applicable stories This acknowledges that stories don’t have to be from personal experience; they can be a shared experience someone else has had of your work.  Testimonies like this carry a great deal of weight. They also make your business feel very authentic, helping the customer connect with the real person behind your brand.


How does this build a bridge with your customers?


This process creates a shift from product features to customer emotions.


Acknowledgement of this also recognises that decision making is based on how a person feels now so if they can sense you’re engaged, and they engage in return, you have a chance of succeeding.


So, this emphasises the importance of storytelling building emotional connection, and authentically marketing to your customer.


This was a fun interview and one that helped me understand what’s needed within my own business. I hope it has the same effect for you


To contact Randy, please go to

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