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Just Some of Our Projects

Sonic Soundz

Disc Jockey Service
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sonic Soundz came to us in 2019 to assist them in helping to build their online presence. Our evaluation confirmed that they really needed to book more events. So we began by creating an outstanding website that would deliver real value for their Prospects. 

Traffic Flow: Increased 34%
Engagement: Increased 65%

Revenue: Increased 225%


In my opinion he knows more about Marketing and the Art of Selling than anyone I have ever met.

"His unique processes for Success have transformed my business and today my company is thriving."

I have had the pleasure of working with Randy Crane for more than 2 years now. It is my opinion that he knows more about Marketing and the Art of Selling than anyone I have ever met. Early in my business, I interviewed many Guru’s and Coaches to find out that they were primarily interested in what they could get from me. When I met Randy, he immediately led with Value.

No talking about money, no talking about time, he just wanted to know about me and how he could help my company. His unique process for Success have transformed my business and today my company is thriving. Randy shares his knowledge and expertise freely and, as his Client, I feel like he is the Best part of my team.

If you are looking for a Killer “Go to Market Strategy” or require a process to build Bigger Sales Revenue, then I would highly recommend Randy Crane – The Fearless Marketer.

I promise you that you will not be disappointed. It will be the best decision that you could make for your business.

Thank you Randy for everything

Chris Irving
Channel Sales Manager – Crexendo Business Solutions
Denver, Colorado


Legal Services
Denver, Colorado, USA

We were contacted by an Affiliate Group within the LegalShield Organization that wanted to gain more online awareness for the Business Legal Packages that they offer. We began with an evaluation then assembled a sales funnel that could drive both traffic and bring in new sales.

Traffic Flow: 681 in first 30 days
Engagement: 202 in first 7 days

Revenue: $6200.00 in first 30 days

Timeless Possibilities

Self Improvement Seminar
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bob Proctor is well known for his Human Performance Webinars and Training Courses. We were contacted my Timeless Possibilities to assist them with developing a marketing process that would drive traffic to a Free Webimar Class. The results were outstanding

Traffic Flow: 1768 Views
Engagement: 446 Signed  Up

Attendees: 321


Randy has a unique approach to marketing

"His insights has lead the industry in some of its greatest evolutions"

Randy has a unique approach to marketing which has gained him a proven track record of success in both Sales and Business innovations. His insights has lead the industry in some of its greatest evolutions for web marketing. Randy Crane – The Fearless Marketer is truly a Gem and I would highly recommend him to any company that is wanting to drive more sales through technology.

Dwayne Reynolds
Business Consultant
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dynamic Design

General Contractor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dynamic Design is a General Contractor that specializes in Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations. They contacted our company to develop an online brochure that they could promote to potential Prospects. After the evaluation was complete we created this one page brochure for Facebook.

Traffic Flow: 541 Views
Engagement: 89 Prospects
New Customers: 14


Courage is the act of overcoming Fear. Courageous is the daily practice of Courage. I Am The Fearless Marketer. No one ever got ahead from settling in mediocrity. It is when you stretch your imagination and choose the unknown that true success is attained

The Fearless Marketer

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