The Fearless Marketer

Humans Buy from
Who they Know, Like & Trust!

We all buy from the people and brands that we trust. We do this every day of our lives. When you go to the Grocery Store or to your local Convenience Store. We all purchase the products that we have come to know well and trust.
Trust is obtained only when the Buyer feels that they have a strong enough connection with the brand and feel comfortable that the decision that they made to buy is the correct one.
It begins with the Buyer getting to know your brand and then deciding whether they like the brand enough to try. Just because someone tries your product does not mean that they trust in it. Trust comes much later after they have learned that the feeling of comfort that they have for your product routinely is the right choice for them.
Begin by making people aware of what you have to offer and develop your brand based on the process of Know, Like and Trust.
Then talk with the Fearless Marketer about helping make the ideas you have your reality.

Our Projects

More of our projects


Pet Nutrition
Grand Rapids, Michigan

In 2019 we received a call from a Client that wanted to promote a new product from LifeVantage. He said that this product would produce miracles for Pet health. After the assessment we went to work to create a marketing plan that would launch this product through Social Media
Traffic Flow: 1955 Visitors
Engagement: 574 Click Through
Revenue: $5,419.00 in first 30 days

Deja Bru

Coffee Distribution
Simcoe, Ontario

Deja Bru, known for its unique coffee blend, partnered with us in 2022 to elevate its sales through emotional marketing. The results speak for themselves: a continual uptick in sales that underscores the potency of our emotionally resonant strategies. To this day, we remain the driving force behind Deja Bru’s marketing.


Recommended to any company wanting to increase sales

"His performance, as expected was second to none"

I recommend Randy and his company. As the Director of Marketing at Konica Minolta Americas, Inc. We needed qualified and traceable sales leads for our Salespeople to close. We did traditional print advertising, trade shows and direct mail etc., but never utilized the services of an outside marketing company. We interviewed 20 Marketing firms. Randy won our business as our source for marketing sales leads from 2005 – 2010.
His performance, as expected was second to none. I highly recommend Randy Crane – The Fearless Marketer to any company wanting to increase sales by locating qualified, traceable and closable sales leads.
John McCassland (Retired)
Konica Minolta Americas Inc.
Ramsey, New Jersey

Big West Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Company
St. George, Utah

In early 2019 we were contacted by a company that was representing Big West Carpet Cleaning. They needed assistance in marketing this service to Residents in the St. George, Utah area. We prepared an online brochure and ad campaign that they could promote through Facebook
Traffic Flow: 322 Visitors
Engagement: 52 Click Through
Revenue: $2,716.00 in first 60 days

Limitless Lead Systems

Software Development
Seattle, Washington

Limitless Lead Systems, a software company in the membership space, partnered with us to craft marketing deliverables designed to attract new members. Our dedicated, emotionally charged marketing efforts have paid off, leading to consistent sales growth. We remain their trusted marketing arm, continually driving results.


Client Reviews

See what some of our clients are saying
Randy you have the experience and wisdom and you are a Fearless Teacher...Awesome
kimitha rosemond (2)
Kimitha Rosemond
Affiliate Marketer
Randy tremendously cares about you and your business development. He has even helped me personally
Carmine Coifani
Sr. Manager - LegalShield
Totally genuine and eager to help others. Nothing fake about him! One of a kind.
Sue Whitten
Sue Whitten
Network Marketer
Randy is very knowledgeable and always has lots of helpful ideas when it comes to Sales and Marketing
Gage Jamieson
Online Auctioneer


Online Software
Indianapolis, Indiana

In 2020 we were contacted by the Owner of Kennected who said that he would like to start a marketing campaign to generate more new Clients for his online software. Because of the nature of the business we assembled a campaign through LinledIn. The campaign was a Huge Success.
Traffic Flow: 8463 Visitors
Engagement: 1225 Click Through
Revenue: $18,268.00 in first 60 days

Brilliance Network

ATM And Financial Services
St. Catherines, Ontario

Brilliance Network, an ATM company, has been with us since 2014. Over a decade, we’ve co-created marketing initiatives with the owner that not only drive customers but also resonate emotionally. Our decade-long partnership stands as a testament to the enduring power and effectiveness of our emotional marketing solutions.



Time and time again he proves his knowledge and experience

"My go to guy in the direct response marketing industry"

Randy is the Best solution when it comes to marketing. Time and time again he proves his knowledge and experience to help others with their marketing issues. He is dedicated to creating great relationships and he continues to be my go to guy in the direct response marketing industry.
Thanks for everything. You really are Fearless
Rochelle Mason
Casino Rama
Orillia, Ontario

Pedi "n" Nails

Retail Nail Salon
Mississauga, Ontario

Pedi “n” Nails is a retail nail salon in Mississauga that reached out to us for assistance in marketing their new location to the residents within a 5 mile radius of the store. We immediatley began an assessment to locate the ideal target market through Facebook and we launched the campaign
Traffic Flow: 456 Visitors
Engagement: 82 Click Through
Revenue: $1,820.00 in first 60 days

Bertha A.I.

Software Development
London, UK, a trailblazer in AI for WordPress web design, joined forces with us in 2021. Our mission was clear-cut: craft an emotional marketing strategy to drive new customer acquisition. The strategy was flawlessly executed, reinforcing our reputation as experts in emotional marketing.