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Kristina Goltsis

Randy Crane is a Marketing Guru!

"he has an inspiring, educational and holistic approach to converting leads"

Randy Crane is a Marketing Guru! From sales strategies to marketing funnels – he has an inspiring, educational and holistic approach to converting leads. Marketing a brand can be overwhelming in an oversaturated market, but he understands the psychology behind the business, the importance of marketing “value” and how to effectively build business relationships.

He has been an irreplaceable source of knowledge and support to our business, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is ready for success!

Kristina Goltsis
Tactic Creative Studios
Mississauga, Ontario

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Randy Crane - The Fearless Markeeter

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Randy understands the Science of Lead Generation

"Can be counted on to tell you the facts"

Randy understands the science of lead generation and has developed a unique process that others companies have used successfully. He can be counted on to tell you the facts and to coach you towards your goals. I have worked with Randy on corporate projects in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I would highly recommend Randy and his Team of Fearless Marketers

Lloyd Loften
Author & Speaker: Saleshero’s Guide to Handling Objections!
Conyers, Georgia


Courage is the act of overcoming Fear. Courageous is the daily practice of Courage. I Am The Fearless Marketer. No one ever got ahead from settling in mediocrity. It is when you stretch your imagination and choose the unknown that true success is attained

The Fearless Marketer

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