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It takes an average of 12 - 15 touchpoints for a New Prospect to Respond

(A Touchpoint is a method of Contact eg. e-mail, phone, social media, text message, face to face)

Have you Built an e-mail List?

Did you know that every e-mail address that is stuck in your inbox could be a potential Customer? That’s right, every single one! Successful businesses have come to realize that every opportunity to sell is a good one and every contact made can be parlayed into a New Prospect. This may not happen today, but sometime in the future they may need what you are selling. If they don’t know about you they cannot buy from you!

Today, building a targeted e-mail list has never been easier. Through the use of the correct technology and engaging content, your prospect list can be vitalized and performing better than you could imagine. 

I contracted with Randy to help us build our e-mail list. He created a platform that we use to drive traffic and to get e-mail addresses. I am absolutely ecstatic with the results that he has achieved for us. We have grown to over 5000 and our list continues to grow every day. If your company is looking to build more sales, then Randy Crane - The Fearless Marketer is the only way to go.
Mark Ross
Mark Ross
President - Clearwave Electronics

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Every e-mail is a Potential Customer

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