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Randy Crane also known as The Fearless Marketer is a nationally-recognized Sales and Marketing Specialist.  He has held leadership positions in sales and marketing for over 40 years with global brands such as Molson Coors and Konica Minolta among others, as well as many thriving startups. Today, Randy shares his passion for leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact. 

“Yes, it’s important to have a website. More importantly, the person developing the website must have a clear understanding of Marketing. Otherwise, it’s just pretty pictures on the web.”


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The Fearless Marketer

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Braheem Larke
Braheem LarkeMillionaire In Training
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"Randy has provided so much value to our team, if you want to know how to get sales in your business, Randy is your guy!!"
Dave Anderson
Dave AndersonAffiliate Marketer
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"Yes, I Definitely Recommend Randy Crane - The Fearless Marketer You will learn Tons of Great Marketing Strategies from him."
Connor Alwin
Connor AlwinDirector at Cultivate Advisors
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"Randy has been a continual source of providing exceptional outbound marketing tactics that has allowed my business to excel at an exponential level."

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Our Core Values

Here are the 15 Core Values that we bring to every project that we do… 

No Exceptions – No Excuses


Don’t Make Excuses – Make it Happen


Learn Something New every day and Apply it


We are here to Serve Selflessly and with the Highest Integrity


Treat everyone that you Interact with like Family


Show up with Positivity, High Energy, and Laughter


Tell the Truth all the Time


Fearless Marketer is a Synonym for World-Class, we show this in everything we do

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He's quite simply the Gold Standard in marketing

"infusing decades of marketing experience into a masterful website"

I’ve worked professionally with Randy Crane for well over a year now.  

He’s quite simply the Gold Standard when it comes to infusing decades of marketing experience into a masterful website design.
I highly recommend Randy Crane – The Fearless Marketer to any company wanting a professional looking  website and success driven marketing. 

Dale Tamminga
Healthy for Life
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Speed, Flexibility, and Punctuality are our strengths and we embrace them with Grace


Don’t Think Outside the Box, Think Like There is No Box


Be Specific, Be Thorough, and Be Profit Producing


Be Organized, and be Prepared


Keep Calm and be Respectful of Others


Entertain, Educate, Execute, but Most Importantly Empower


Do what you Say and Deliver what you Promise


Just Have FUN !! Marketing is the Most Fun you will ever have in Business

Our Mission

To You

Our Mission is to continually raise the bar of our Clients Customer Experience by leveraging the Quality of thier marketing through the internet.

Today’s Buyers seek to have the feeling of belonging. All humans are emotional creatures. It’s with that sense of emotion that we identify the humans and capture their attention.

In this digital world over-saturated with advertising we create an authentic, honest, and transparent story for your brand.

Randy is a powerful force to be reckoned with

"Hiring Randy ensures that your company's online firepower is in the best hands"

Randy is a powerful force to be reckoned with in his field.
His knowledge of Marketing and his level of resourcefulness make him an asset to any brand, company or individual client.
Hiring Randy Crane not only ensures that your company’s online firepower is in the best of hands on all fronts, but that you will be left with more clients and less “Dead Leads.”
I would give him a 10/10 and would recommend him on account of experience, effectiveness and personability.

Adam Tobias
Adam Tobias Music
Mississauga, Ontario


Courage is the act of overcoming Fear. Courageous is the daily practice of Courage. I Am The Fearless Marketer. No one ever got ahead from settling in mediocrity. It is when you stretch your imagination and choose the unknown that true success is attained

The Fearless Marketer

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