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A Cry for Help

The earth is in trouble and it needs help. This may not be your fault, but...

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The earth is in trouble and it needs help. This may not be your fault, but the fact remains that our home is in serious trouble and it is shouting to everyone to come to its aid.

No one ever thought that we would have this problem in 1965. Everyone knew that we had a problem in the late 1970’s and we did nothing. We knew that the problem was getting bigger in the 80’s and 90’s and we still did nothing. Even after the millennium came and went, we did nothing.

It’s now 2020, the earth is crying out for help. What are we going to do? Are we going to turn a blind eye as our predecessors have done in the decades past or are, we going to respond like to passengers aboard a sinking ship?

This is not going to be easy. Everyone is going to say, yes, I want to help, yes, I want to do my part, and yes, everyone wants to help so long as they are not inconvenienced. This is how it has always been. Its not like everyone didn’t know that the earth was in trouble, we have known about it for more then 30 years. Yet, still we did nothing. Lots of great ideas, but no real action to speak of. And a thought without action is simply just a thought!

So, what does this mean. Soon this generation of human will die, and our children will be left to pick up the pieces that we left behind. The same pieces that were left behind for us to pick up, that we chose to ignore. But the earth will continue to cry out for help. Today is the day. Today is all there is. Never mind what has happened in the past, never mind pointing the finger at someone else. How are we; going to answer to this cry for help?

It was in August of 1965 that 250,000 people gathered in the mall in Washington to hear Martin Luther King Speech “I Have a Dream”. One man with a dream so great that it caused the entire world to take notice.

I too have a dream. A dream of cleaner water to drink, a dream of clean air to breathe, a dream of food that has not been contaminated with preservative and impurities. A world that is safe for my children and grandchildren to live. I don’t want the day to come when my children say to me that I didn’t answer to that call. It is the responsibility of every human being to stand up and be accountable.

The legacy that I want to leave behind is, He did what it took. What is your legacy going to be?

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