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Be Fearless or be condemned to mediocrity. Taking risk is key to differentiation. Hold your story close to your heart and tell your story. Know you’re why, then create from what you know. Hire restless people; the people that think outside the box. Always lead with love, kindness, and value, then get ready to evolve. 

The Fearless Marketer

Humans buy when it FEELS right!

We Solve Problems…What Do You Need?

More Customers

The value of every great marketing project is to impact the amount of sales generated. Our aim is to "Deliver More Customers" and help you realize the success of your dreams.

Brand Awareness

Having a brand is one thing, having a brand that is trusted is something entirely different. Our focus is to deliver so much value that your Customers will RAVE about your product or service to everyone.

We do this and SO MUCH MORE!!

More Engagement

If you knew that your posts would get more engagement if they were  just more emotionially driven. We can help showcase your content in a way so that followers will have no choice but to comment.

More Prospects

Have you ever followed up on a Dead Lead? That is so frustrating. We help you build a "Lead Generating Machine" that will produce new qualified leads every single day.

We are ALL THINGS Marketing

Going far beyond a logo and website, your company brand is a cumulation of every touchpoint throughout your entire business cycle. We work alongside you to create a consistent message across all communication platforms that will emotionally connect with your ideal target audience.

Experience Real Marketing

Over 40 years of Sales and Marketing Expertise


Sales & Marketing Campaigns


Sales Leads & Appt's Generated


Sales Revenue Converted

Randy Crane - The Fearless Markeeter

“Your Brand isn’t what You say it is

It’s what They say it is”

Do you know what your brand is saying about you?

Client Experience with Us

More Explosive Results

Elesh P

Results oriented and meets all challenges head on

"One of the most innovative and sincere marketing professionals I have ever come across

Randy is one of the most innovative, sincere and hard working marketing professionals that I have ever come across. He is full of ideas and works hard to make the ideas come alive. 

He is results oriented and meets all challenges head on. A person like Randy is a rare breed. I would be happy to recommend Randy Crane – The Fearless Marketer to any company that is building their online presence.

Elesh P.
President of Enkay Industrial Supply Ltd.
Host of Food Packaging TV
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Are you losing sales?

We are the Marketing Super Hero

We've helped great companies
Over 40 years of Sales and Marketing Expertise

A few words from our clients

Maria Sanchez
Maria SanchezAsturias Seafood Wholesale
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"Looking at all of my Results, it's clear that The Fearless Marketing Team is doing something Right"
Ron Boyd
Ron BoydOrion's Web
Read More
Randy is a very hard working, conscientious and honest guy who takes genuine interest in the project at hand. I have worked with Randy, on various projects over the last 20 years and would recommend him (as I have) very highly.
Mariano DeAranaga
Mariano DeAranagaBusiness Consultant
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"Randy has a great approach on solving complex issues, has the necessary experience to get things done and done right. He is the go to guy for marketing and promotion expertise"

We have brilliant ideas to share

Offer effective & scalable solutions

Have a look at some of our



Healthy For Life

This High Converting Sales Funnel has Generated 255 New Sales Leads in the first 48 hours and 15 New Customers


Sonic Soundz

This website was created in 2019 and has generated over 200 Qualified Sales Leads



This Sales Funnel was created in 2019 and has generated over 300 Leads and $21,000.00 in Revenue


Timeless Possabilities

This landing page was designed for the Bob Proctor Team and has generaed over 1000 leads to date

Why our customers

Simply love us

"The Best Instructor, The Best Teacher and someone who I can look up to. Thank you for all you're doing to help me! Nothing short of Brilliant!"
Cristiana Di Capua
Independent Marketer
"Randy is a great guy to know. If you ever get the chance to work with him you will be blown away by his passion for marketing and his willingness to share his knowledge and experience. Glad I had the opportunity to work with him."
Benjamin Poeschi
Independent Marketer

Courage is the act of overcoming Fear. Courageous is the daily practice of Courage. I Am The Fearless Marketer. No one ever got ahead from settling in mediocrity. It is when you stretch your imagination and choose the unknown that true success is attained

The Fearless Marketer

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